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Link to News Clip

November 12, 2006

As an update to the previous post, we were able to acquire the news clip from the segment on WNYW which mentions Whatbills.

Click Here to Watch the Segment (19.6 MB)
(The Whatbills mention is towards the end of the clip)

You will need a player that plays Quicktime movies to watch the clip.

Major shout out goes to Brent Walquist of who kindly provided us with this news clip. Beta Media Group is a leading electronic video service which is headquartered in New York City. They help organizations monitor the impact of public relations and corporate communications campaigns. They are great guys if you ever require their services.


Whatbills on the News!

November 8, 2006

This morning WNYW in New York city (a local Fox news affiliate) featured Whatbills in a story about reminder web sites.  Thank you guys for the plug.  This is very exciting that our service would be featured on the local news in such a big city.   

Although we have not seen the segment if any of you have Tivo’d it or have a way to get it over to us, let us know!

As an update to this post here is the link on the TV channels web site with a mention of Whatbills.